Design & Budgetary Process

The Furnished Kitchen Remodeling’s design and budgetary approach deliver kitchens our customers love at a price they can afford.

The Furnished Kitchen Remodeling™ embraces a consultive approach for kitchen remodel projects

The Furnished Kitchen Remodeling™ believes that design and function are co-equal branches in the creation of a beautiful kitchen. The kitchen is the core of the house. Rather than have the cook’s back to their family/guests, we create cooking spaces that are intimate and engaging. The cook can converse with family or guests while preparing a meal.

Kitchen Design, Functionality & Flow

The first question we address is where the client wants to cook. Then, we create an efficient and enjoyable cooking experience by perfecting the flow between the refrigerator, stove/oven, and countertop work area. The next issue at hand is style. Does the client want a modern or traditional look or an eclectic design that is a unique mix of the two? Once flow and style are decided, The Furnished Kitchen Remodeling™ produces a kitchen design that meets the vision of the customer.

The Balance Between Design and Budget

The Furnished Kitchen Remodeling™ facilitates the design and budget process by engaging the client in the kitchen remodel process. First, we create an itemized project budget, including the cost for each item. Then, the client is tasked to visit vendor showrooms to select the countertops, materials, and appliances they want for the project. They add each kitchen component to the budget, and the customer determines what they can afford. The Furnished Kitchen takes great pride in this design and budgetary approach since the customer gets the kitchen they envisioned at a price they can afford.

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