What Are The Seven Most Common Characteristics of a Broken Kitchen?

The shutdown in Denver from the COVID-19 creates more time in the kitchen for most people. Over the last 60 days, problems not noticed before are now more significant and irritating. Mitch, the owner of My Furnished Kitchen, says “that about 60 percent of kitchens are broken.”

What are the seven most common characteristics of a broken kitchen?

1. Workflow Issues – A well-thought kitchen workflow enhances the cooking experience. Ingredients, cookware, and utensils within reach allow a cook to prepare a meal efficiently. The paths between the refrigerator, stove, cabinets, and sink are the busiest in the kitchen. If these features are side by side, more effort is required to prepare food. If you do not cook much, the inconvenience is not a big deal but becomes much more noticeable with more time in the kitchen.

2. Installing Appliances Last – A kitchen remodel might look broken when the owner installs the appliances last. Since the cabinets go in first, more allowances are given around the cabinetry to make sure the range, dishwasher, and refrigerator fit. The kitchen does not have a finished look since gaps exist between the cabinets and appliances. The cook in the family might find this tiresome after cooking day after day during the shutdown.

3. Picking the Wrong Size – Do-it-yourselfers sometimes buy kitchen items on sale. Or they buy the wrong size because they did not measure or just “eyeballed it.” Ill-fitting fixtures, lights and furniture give the entire kitchen a sloppy look.

4. Owner Indecisiveness – Owners sometimes cannot make up their minds, and they do not give the kitchen remodeler a clear vision of what they want. Project uncertainty leads to delays, unexpected expenses, and frustration. The final look of the kitchen usually reflects the owner’s indecisiveness. An experienced remodeling contractor like My Furnished Kitchen understands that building a census with the owners on the final kitchen design and budget is key to a successful project.

5. Skimping on Storage – The frustration of a hurried cook goes up exponentially when he or she cannot find the things needed to complete a meal. Overcrowded drawers and cabinets point to skimping on storage. The Furnished Kitchen understands the importance of storage when designing a kitchen. Mitch incorporates Lazy Susans, roll-out drawers, tray dividers, and cabinet and drawer inserts to maximize every inch of storage space. Finding things when you need them dramatically enhances the cooking experience.

6. Forgetting About Finishes – Sometimes it is the small things that make a kitchen look great. It is natural to focus on countertops, flooring, and appliances when building a kitchen, but some forget about minor design details. It is little things like backsplashes, cabinet pulls, and finishes that make a kitchen pop and increase the enjoyment of the space. Fortunately, owners can add these items later to improve the look of a kitchen.

7. Over Designing a Kitchen – Sometimes, people avoid making decisions by incorporating all their ideas into their remodeling plans with little regard on how the kitchen looks when completed. The result is like an overdone beef roast – tough to swallow. The finished kitchen is not welcoming, comfortable, or functional. An experienced kitchen remodeling contractor like The Furnished Kitchen helps owners make decisions to create a space they love, and within a budget, they can afford.

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