Remodeling A Kitchen on a Budget

The Furnished Kitchen, known across Denver for its high-end kitchen projects, is an experienced kitchen remodeling contractor with many happy customers. However, we are just as proficient with projects where the owner wants to stretch the dollar and get the most value when remodeling a kitchen. In kitchen remodels, materials account for 45 to 70 percent of the budget. The Furnished Kitchen helps our customers build a budget for their new kitchen, and we supply them with a vendor list to purchase selected cabinets, appliances, flooring, and countertops. The owner adds each kitchen component to the budget, then adjust the numbers to what they can afford. Assuming the owners follow The Furnished Kitchen’s budgetary process and take our cost-saving recommendations, we are proud that the budget at the beginning of the project remains the same at its conclusion. Customers who want to avoid the expense of a total kitchen tear out should give The Furnished Kitchen a call. Click here to check out our blog on How To Hire A Kitchen Contractor.

Below are several kitchen remodeling tips that save money.

  • Do not move any walls.
  • Do not move the location of existing appliances, cabinets, hard surfaces, and sinks.
  • Hire a contractor who is transparent with excellent communication skills.
  • Hire a contractor who understands project management and the budgetary process.
  • Shop for a balance between cost and quality.

We continuously educate ourselves about pricing, value, and quality of each component of a kitchen, which enables us to make good product suggestions. If the customer wants to save money and economize, The Furnished Kitchen is happy to help them achieve a new kitchen at a price they can afford. There are four areas to save money when remodeling a kitchen on a tight budget: cabinets, appliances, flooring, and countertops.


Painting The Existing Cabinets Versus Buying New

If the existing kitchen cabinets are decent and functional, why not paint them and save a bunch of money? There are many Do it Yourself videos available on how to paint kitchen cabinets. But, people because of lack of experience prepare the cabinet surface incorrectly or choose the wrong primer and paint. Also, applying paint and primer with professional-grade equipment improves the result. Repainting cabinets is a lot of work, so why not do it right the first time. The Furnished Kitchen has the expertise and paint equipment to get the job done correctly.

Refacing Existing Cabinets versus Buying New

Cabinet refacing, sometimes called cabinet resurfacing, saves money. Instead of tearing out the existing cabinet boxes, we discard the old doors and drawer fronts. We reface the remaining cabinet boxes with wood or other materials selected by the customer. The Furnished Kitchen then installs new doors and drawer fronts. After refacing, the cabinetry looks brand new, and the customer saves about 50-60 percent compared to purchasing new cabinets.

Combining New Cabinet with Refurbished Cabinetry

Soffits above the upper cabinets are common in older kitchens. The Furnished Kitchen removes the upper cabinets and replaces them with taller ones to gain additional storage. Another way to modernize a kitchen is by adding an island. The Furnished Kitchen refaces the remaining base cabinets without any changes to the existing countertop and appliances, saving substantial money because the existing plumbing, electrical, flooring, and backsplash are not changed.


Buying new appliances is expensive, but there are ways to save money and still get the desired cooking experience. The Furnished Kitchen has cultivated appliance sources for our clients that offer value, wide choice, and great pricing.

Buy Scratch or Dent Appliances

We educate the customer on brands, rough pricing, and the benefits of one brand over the other. We know which vendors in Denver offer these same models but with small scratches or dents. The benefits are:

  • Scratched or dented appliances are a lot cheaper than new ones.
  • Scratched or dented models come with the same manufacturer-honored warranty as new models.
  • The damage is usually slight and cosmetic.

Buy Overstocked Appliances

Many home appliance retailers and manufacturers utilize liquidators to free themselves of their surplus inventory. It costs more to warehouse the appliances than it does to liquidate them in bulk. They sell the excess stock for a fraction of their original manufacturer price to liquidators, who then sell the appliances to the secondary markets or channels. Secondary channels are discount retailers, outlets, eBay, online stores, and wholesalers. Retailers like Walmart and Sam’s Club use B-Stock companies to help them build and manage their liquidation auction marketplaces. These marketplaces allow them to sell appliances to small retailers and contractors at a fraction of their original manufacturer price. The Furnished Kitchen helps its customers navigate the secondary market and connects the owners with vetted sources for overstocked kitchen products.

Keep What You Have

The Furnished Kitchen inspects the existing kitchen appliances. We suggest keeping any stove, range, or refrigerator that works well and fits the new kitchen design. The owner can replace any of these appliances later.


If the existing floor matches the new kitchen’s design, there is no need to replace it. The Furnished Kitchen offers several cost-effective flooring options for replacement.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) is an affordable, waterproof, wood-like flooring option that adds warmth to any design and is easy to install. Most high-quality brands are scuff and wear-resistant. The Furnished Kitchen has excellent sources for LVP, and we pass on any builder discounts to the customer.

Large Format Tile 

Large-format tile flooring looks great in modern style kitchens. Large tile floors require a smaller number of sheets, so installation takes less time and saves money. The Furnished Kitchen offers its customers reliable sources for tile flooring.

Repairing Existing Wood Floors

The Furnished Kitchen is an expert in repairing existing wood floors. First, we fix any damage and install new floorboards where needed. We prepare the surface, then add a top coat to protect the floor from kitchen spills and foot traffic. The Furnished Kitchen uses high-quality products to ensure longevity and beauty.

Keep What You Have And Repair Or Replace Later

There is always the choice of keeping the existing flooring and replacing it later.


Painting and Resurfacing Countertops 

There are paints available that make existing countertops look like stone. The coating works on laminate, solid-surface, ceramic tile, wood, or cultured-marble countertops. The result is a seamless surface that transforms the look of the kitchen at a fraction of the cost of installing new granite or quartz countertops.

Buy Overstocked Countertops

In Denver, some distributors and liquidators specialize in overstock countertops. The Furnished Kitchen helps owners navigate the secondary countertop marketplace and offers vetted sources for these materials.

Select Common Countertop Materials

Installing natural stone countertops is expensive. As an alternative, we recommend using materials such as ceramic tile, natural stone tile, Formica, Corian, wood, and other solid materials to save money. These hard surfaces are long-lasting and brighten any new kitchen.

Want a new kitchen? If you are on a tight budget, contact The Furnished Kitchen by calling 303-960-8151. We look forward to building your dream kitchen but with a balance between cost and quality.